A Product Design Journey


Ongoing feature development of mobile app to connect property managers and the people who occupy their spaces.




User Researcher
User Experience
User Testing
User Interface Design


Prior to my time at a new company, a new idea was taking shape over the weekends by the CTO. Eventually these ideas were developed into a functioning iOS prototype. My journey with the app starts here.

Through user feedback and testing I started down the path of making incremental design changes to improve the user experience and improving the aesthetics of the design all the while adhering to tight timelines, and the shifting priorities that are common in start ups to scale ups.

User Sign In

The user sign in was complicated. The copy is cold and not inviting. This is our first impression our tone should be informative and friendly.

The password policy is hard to locate. These are the steps they have to take to find the password policy.

  1. Tap Help
  2. Tap FAQ
  3. Redirected to company website
  4. Open browser
  5. Tap FAQ
  6. Download PDF
  7. Scroll down page to find policy

Validation was quick to tell users they were wrong. The experience was hard to use and frustrating.

Copy is not friendly. No password policy.

Validation is abrupt. Missed opprotunity to inform users about the password policy.



Validate input fields with green border when the user has entered correctly and show password policy in context. When the user taps into the password input the password policy slides down into view. When the user taps out of the input the policy fades out sight. This technique was used to simplify the design and only introduce the policy when its needed.



Previous version of the app. While practical the design is not very interesting.

Adding images increased the usage of this page by 80%

Redesign of community pages to increase engagement, build brand awareness and improve the look and feel of the screen.

Landing page redesign

Landing screen redesign to improve user engagement and improve the user experience by making the first page of the app that users see critical to other parts of the app. To improve the experience, the primary functions of the app are given prime restate on the new landing page. No longer are key features of the app hidden under menus. Another change are the scrolling images in the community section, along with a link to view more content. This was done to give property managers a way to engage with their tenants and provide meaningful content about the building and the surrounding community.