Corporate Website

Website design, development & ongoing maintenance

Company Overview

Intelliware a software development company. With clients across a number of verticals such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Information Communications & Technology (ICT), Retail and Mobile.

When I first started at Intelliware, one of my first tasks was updating content on their current website. The site had no defined structure, the CSS was littered with non scalable markup, making updates and enhancements difficult.

It was time for a new site, a new design something better. After some exploration of technologies, we decided to go with WordPress. This way our marketing team could maintain the content once the site was up and running.

I started the process with many sketches, mockups then high fidelity comps we had a design that we were excited about. It was time to make it real. The site was built using a starter theme called Bones. Templates were then constructed using Advance Custom Post types. Using both these tools helped keep the code base lean, adding only what was needed to the project. The theme was built using LESS, using a pre processor gave me the freedom to structure the files in a way that make it easy to search and keep things organized.

Since the launch of the site, its undergone new pages have been added, new functionality, and many enhancements have been added such as related posts, a filterable menu by parameters, custom menu, custom banner design, landing pages, and much much more.

  • Website design
  • Creation of WordPress theme & CSS style guide
  • Uses the advance custom post types to build page templates allowing users to easily create and manage content
  • CSS architecture that can adapt & scale


  • WordPress
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • LESS
  • PHP
  • Photoshop
  • jQuery
  • Graphic Design