Medical Application

User interface design for mobile application

While working at Intelliware, we were approached by two surgeons from a local Toronto hospital who specialized in shoulder injuries. They wanted to create a mobile application that could provide patients with a care plan. New users would undergo an on-boarding process then given a detail plan on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule filled with exercises, evaluation type tasks, reminders for appointments and graphs charting progress.

Working closely with the client, I helped to develop a set of user flow diagrams and wire-frames to help define the user experience. During the initial phases, the wire-frames were converted into clickable pdf’s for the purpose of user testing.

After the completion of wire-frames, I created several style tiles consisting of fonts, colours and interface elements to explore the visual brand. With a style and visual direction approved, I started to develop the rest of the visual elements such as the logo, user interface design, icons and style guide.