UI Design & Front-end Development

At the time, I was apart of the Healthcare team at Intelliware, when a large RFP from the Ontario Brain Institute caught the attention of my boss. They were looking for a technical partner to help with their website and portal for Brain-Code a secure neuroinformatics platform for data management, sharing and analysis.

We had been selected from a long list of other vendors to come into their offices for the first time to meet and discuss how our company could partner to deliver what they needed. I believe to demonstrate your capabilities, you need show people exactly how your going to it. And make it tangible.

To do this, I created a theme complete with a logo, colour scheme, ui components, charts and graphs enough to be able to demo a responsive data analytics dashboard. In the end, I helped Intelliware to win helped win the RFP with the Ontario Brain Institute. In the following months, I worked closely with their team to develop a new brand, including a new logo, style guide, coding of Drupal theme and front end web development.

The following mockups show the work done to win the RFP.


  • HTML & CSS
  • LESS
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Logo Design