User Interface Redesign

itamlink rebranding, redesign of SaaS product





  • Development of brand guide including logo, colours, fonts, icons, business cards, marketing collateral
  • Creation of wire-frames
  • Design of user interfaces for SaaS product

Project Description

itamlink is a SaaS web-based, property tax and assessment management software solution. My role on this project was to build a new brand strategy including a logo redesign, colours, fonts and to re theme the existing product.

Because this was an internal project, I treated my co-workers like a client and kicked the process off with a list of questions designed to help me understand the vision of the company and its placement within the market.

Once I understood the key objectives, I started sketching some ideas for the logo and looking for suitable fonts. Some of the first solutions followed the parent company and were created with using a mark paired with a logotype. After a few iterations of the logo, the mark was dropped in favor of a wordmark.

To help define the visual look & feel of the rebrand, I created some style tiles outlying the colours, fonts and patterns. There was a bit of back and forth until we landed on the right combination.

We had successfully created a logo, the style starting to take shape it was now time for the next phase – creating a visual components to be used in a dashboard.


  • Balsamiq
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Prior to rebranding

Rebrand and redesign of logo